PERSPECTIVE has been built on three decades of commitment, shared knowledge, innovation and collaboration. We have the skills and experience to deliver projects across all of the sectors identified and, by bringing together the professionals with specific specialist expertise, in conjunction with ‘local’ practices based on the ground internationally, we achieve the best results for you. We are enthusiastic, vibrant and creative people who enjoy working with our clients and delivering on our commitments.

Transport and infrastructure

PERSPECTIVES expertise in infrastructure projects has acquired great knowledge of and expertise in various projects since the mid-80s including bus terminals, railway- and metro stations, above and underground, as well as large and complex highway road crossings. Most of the projects have started with early feasibility studies to be followed by program studies and finally working drawings.

Our contribution has included capacity studies and analyses of flows of travelers in complex urban situations. The aim has been not only to achieve optimal capacity but also to obtain pleasant, safe and sustainable solutions for managers as well as travelers. This includes giving the facilities an architectural design that answers up to their importance for its users as well as its urban as well as its landscape context.

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