PERSPECTIVE has been built on three decades of commitment, shared knowledge, innovation and collaboration. We have the skills and experience to deliver projects across all of the sectors identified and, by bringing together the professionals with specific specialist expertise, in conjunction with ‘local’ practices based on the ground internationally, we achieve the best results for you. We are enthusiastic, vibrant and creative people who enjoy working with our clients and delivering on our commitments.

Cultural Heritage

PERSPECTIVE is committed to the preservation and re-use of the cultural heritage. PERSPECTIVE has a wide range of specialist knowledge in this field, having successfully completed major conservation projects requiring detailed planning and implementation. These projects include renovation and conservation of historic buildings, adapting and extending them for new uses, preparation of conservation management plans, assessing condition, sourcing specialist materials, guiding clients in scoping and budgeting for conservations work, assessing the development potential of historic sites, obtaining planning, as well listed building and conservation area consents. We draw our inspiration from the specificities and the particularities of regional cultures.


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