PERSPECTIVE has been built on three decades of commitment, shared knowledge, innovation and collaboration. We have the skills and experience to deliver projects across all of the sectors identified and, by bringing together the professionals with specific specialist expertise, in conjunction with ‘local’ practices based on the ground internationally, we achieve the best results for you. We are enthusiastic, vibrant and creative people who enjoy working with our clients and delivering on our commitments.

Offices and corporate HQ

We help our clients to enhance their properties and to better use their work space. In PERSPECTIVE, we believe that architecture participates concretely in the success of a strategy policy for changing the working environment. This change has been dramatically accelerated by digital technology and, most recently, by the global Covid pandemic.

Through the understanding and enhancement of the motivational levers, of the specific needs of individuals in relation to company policies, the workspace expands beyond its physical tangible notion extending itself to the expression of a new “modus operandi” into the communication strategy and the HR management of the company. All these components are important to support change rather than block it: this model, in our working methodology, is combined with smart interior design and space planning, a careful control of timing and budget, leading to a decisive reduction in management costs over time, thanks to the flexibility of the proposed solutions.

Testi 280 - Office Building Renovation


Jakala Headquarters

Italy, Milan

Dublin Airport Central


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