Britt Almqvist


Ahlqvist & Almqvist Architects includes three partners but is mainly owned by CEO Britt Almqvist. The office has extensive experience in analysis and program work regarding planning and design of master plans as well as for modern housing, offices, universities, and schools. Ahlqvist & Almqvist also have great knowledge and experience in refurbishment and restoration of buildings of high cultural value and also offer services in project management and property development for e.g. hospitals. 

Britt has 35 years of professional experience, and she is an expert in urban planning, infrastructure, and housing. In urban planning projects, Britt has worked with vision studies, master plans, detailed plans, design programs and environmental impact assessments for many municipalities. The study and design of complex infrastructure facilities is another of her specialties. In all contexts, Britt strives for the greatest possible sustainability in terms of social, economic, and environmental goals. It is the office’s experience and conviction that the human need for security and social community

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