Since the completion of their new hospital building in 2007,the Martini Hospital in Groningen the
Netherlands has been gradually giving their older building an internal facelift. Their latest project is the Martini restaurant. This renovation project was completed last year in June and was done in collaboration between Perspective Alkmaar and Vos interieur. This 800m² restaurant offers about 460 seats for patients, visitors and personnel. It is strategically situated on the main route from the parking garage to the new hospital building. It is a place where one can meet, have a cup of coffee, a short snack or enjoy a meal. This diversity in activity is reflected in the interior design of the restaurant. The layout is loosely divided into different zones.

The differences are further emphasized by the use of varied furniture and lighting, differing ceiling heights and a strip like floor pattern. One could for example have quick snack at the espressobar near the entrance of the restaurant or if one wanted to have a relaxing meal they could venture deeper to the lounge area. The interior is further enriched with the random usage of vivid colours from a colour palette made by Peter Struycken, an artist specialized in colour. The colours for the new building were also chosen from this same palette thereby connecting the interior of the old building to the new one. Full height visuals of the surrounding Groningen were also used to add extra depth to the space and make subtle connection with the hospital’s home town.