B/SV has recently completed the construction of a new indoor swimming pool for one of its repeat clients,the Club de Campo de Madrid.

The swimming pool is part of a 3,800m² health & wellness complex, which is planned to be completed in 2009.To date,the changing rooms, fitness area and the swimming pool have been constructed. In 2009 the Spa area will be added to the complex.

The 50m x 21m swimming pool complies with the standards set for competition pools and has been selected as one of the facilities for the modern pentathlon competition for the Madrid 2016 Olympic Games candidacy.

The mobile swimming pool roof can be used to transform the pool from an indoor facility to a state-of-the-art outdoor facility during the summer months. The five roof elements are each 12m wide and have a 30m span. They are motorised enabling four of the five panels to be nestled in the fifth panel,which is situated at the northern end of the pool.

The two-level fitness area is situated adjacent to the pool, so that the changing rooms can serve users of both facilities.

The design of the complex and the building volumes have been carefully planned, in order to respect the specific characteristics of this highly valued natural landscape location. Simple low rise forms and soft shapes in combination with carefully chosen exterior stone finishes reduce the visual impact of the building on the site.

Sustainability has been a major issue in the design of the complex. Hot water solar panels have been installed to heat the pool, as well as a system to recover latent heat from the water vapour from the pool air.

The future SPA will also incorporate a thermal area and an area dedicated to special treatments.