‘Taking the helm of Perspective is both an honour and a great responsibility.

It is an honour to follow in the footsteps of my predecessors. Their leadership has always ensured the pursuit of the aims of our members and the continued development of the coordinated strategy for the group.

It is also a great responsibility for me to take up the presidency in such stormy weather, and to face the challenge of trying to steer the right course to safe waters.

In the current major economic crisis, the toughest since Perspective was created, the special characteristics of the group must be employed as an advantage to overcome the challenges that are facing all of us.

Perspective as a group of specialists active in a wide range of niche markets such as hospitality, healthcare, education, infrastructure etc, possesses the required know-how to enable it to face the demands created by the additional public sector investments that are currently being launched.

Perspective has recognised that the challenges of sustainability will effect all fields of activity within the group, and that this is also a way for us to distinguish ourselves in an increasingly competitive market.

Our policy of each member being autonomous and locally managed, means that our members have the ability to adapt rapidly to respond to specific economic situations in their region.

Our central administration will be focused on coordinating strategies and the marketing efforts of our members, so that Perspective will continue to realise its potential and to recognise and develop new opportunities.

The search for new markets and demands for our expertise, on a worldwide scale will be a challenge for the next year, and will also require a major effort from all our members, sharing information, contacts, and also work, using our expertise to its maximum potential.’