‘Hammarby Sjöstad’ is the most famous sustainable suburb of Stockholm located round Hammarby Lake, and close to the city centre of Stockholm. Its area is about 200 hectares which will comprise 11,000 apartments, for about 20,000 people, and an additional 200,000 sq m area of commercial space by the year 2018. The project, which was set in the early 1990s by Stockholm political leaders, had the clear vision to expand the inner city towards to the lake having sustainability and the water as a central focus for the development. The main challenge was to convert an old polluted industrial and harbour area into a modern, sustainable neighbourhood.
The result can be measured by the large number of international visitors every year, and the many awards Hammarby sjostad has received over the past twenty years.
Godsvagnen 10 is one of the latest additions to Hammarby Sjostad and the aim of this new quarter is to develop a passive residential edifice with a total consumption of energy under 55 kWh per square meter and year, which will award the building the Silver label in accordance with the Swedish Green building council standard.
This goal is attained by good insulation, simpler volumes, a maximum of 19% glass in relation to the gross floor area and using ESX ventilation. All materials will be chosen based on the criteria’s set in the “Sunda Hus” (Swedish sound housing) index, ensuring that the building will contain only sustainable and recyclable materials.

As our lives are in constant change our homes needs to accommodate those changes. We have chosen therefore to put our focus on changeability and flexibility over time. What is a dining room today can be turned into a baby room next year, offering the opportunity to enjoy the neighbourhood one enjoys over a longer period of time. A core of ventilation and water in the middle of the apartment, around it different rooms and uses can be added and subtracted as living patterns evolve.
Today we think that separating the living room from the bedroom is ‘comme il faut’ but who knows what Mrs and Mr 2050 will consider to be right for them.
We strive to push our own boundaries in the design process as far as possible when we face the challenge of building the most attractive and sustainable home of future generations today.

Beyond the walls of the buildings the vision of a sustainable lifestyle is enhanced by the Hammarby Sjostad set standard, 20 sqm of green space as well as 2.5 bicycle parking places per apartment. The garden and courtyards offer playgrounds and greenery to be shared by the community and visitors. Within the quarter there are three parking places dedicated to carpooling cars, and charging posts are available nearby. Each apartment will also offer big balconies with pleasant views.
All in all, the result PERSPECTIVE Stockholm can offer our client and the future community living in Godsvagnen 10 is an affordable, attractive, accessible and sustainable lifestyle – just the way we ourselves would dream to be living!