Casa Crema+ is the name of the recently completed Social Housing project by Perspective Italy near Milano. The development includes 90 dwellings, each with storage cellar and parking place, 3 commercial units and a social gathering space, a Preschool building in structural wood for 140 children, a large Public square plus Pedestrian and bike paths.

The scheme has achieve top rank on Sustainable Design & Energy classification, having being labeled A+ (7,32 Kwh/smq/year), by means of using climate control systems that rely on the thermal mass of the building and establishing a relationship between building surface and volume that favors energy efficiency.

Focus on the scheme is not only efficiency but mainly the quality of mutual living. The residential spaces comprise a number of basic types (two-room, three-room or four-room) and few special types (apartments for students or young workers, housing for solidary families, apartments for day-care by “day mothers”).

Materials and technologies have been chosen with a number of fundamental parameters in mind: cost (final construction cost is €990 per sqm of commercial surface), ease of application, performance, maintenance, comfort, attractiveness and ‘social’ durability.