The first advantage of reusing existing buildings is the financial aspect of the construction. As stripping is easier and quicker than a general demolition, it also gives the possibility of keeping the existing foundations which are usually oversized for the actual weight of the buildings. All this being a perfect ground for creations of extra floors above the Parisian roofs.

Doing this, beyond the fact that it creates another look and aspect to the façade, it gives another life to the existing urban fabric. Perspective France was commissioned over the recentlast years for 2 projects in Paris and the suburbs for the creation of extra floors over existing building.

Also the Neuilly sur Seine city hall, as an incentive to flourish the technical flat of the 60’s and 70’s buildings, allowed an extra 20% of the surface to be constructed per lot. So more and more of those buildings are looking like suspended gardens, with small gardening shacks, being actually the access from the flats underneath to the gardens. So in a way Perspective France having quite a lot of those jobs over the last years and in other Parisian suburbs is also being part of a general plan of the city to be more ‘Green’. And the city also tries to male widen its streets to have more trees or flower beds.

Which means that beyond general restructuration of existing buildings, those small actions make it possible to keep the urban landscape homogeneous.