This project currently under construction consists of two hotels, four- and  five-star units, each sitting on a different street in Casablanca yet having common interconnected service areas. The ‘L’ shaped site allows for two frontages and a singular solution of two hotels with common basements, ground  and mezzanine floors yet operating under different brands with no overlapping whatsoever of either clients or staff.

All the functions situated at the back of the house such as consumables office supplies, laundry, kitchen, parking, loading bay areas, mechanical equipment, water reservoir, power generator, etc. will be managed jointly. On the other hand, clients of both brands benefit from the same gym and SPA on top floors and conference rooms at mezzanine level, although at different fees.

The 5-star will be an ‘Epic Sana’ unit from Sana Hotels, the fourth hotel of the group after Lisbon, Algarve and Luanda, with a top standard in comfort, quality, ambiance and decoration, with a total of 169 rooms and 19 suites. From Sky Lounge on the 15th floor one can enjoy the outstanding views of the Medina.

The 4-star will bear the ‘EVOLUTION’ banner also from Sana Hotels, with a more informal and defiant relationship of the guests with high-tech cyber  state-of-the-art technologies centered around the clients’ day-to-day needs, trends and gathering, with a total of 168 rooms. Separate entrances, reception, lifts, etc.

Truly it is a two-in-one experience in hospitality design, with both units benefitting from common synergies with optimum operational outputs.