During the last 20 years PERSPECTIVE MADRID has grown its expertise in several fields: Hospitality, Sport facilities, Retail and Residential.

The practice has designed and built more than 17 sport facilities, ranging from golf driving ranges, multi sport complexes, indoor swimming pools and fitness clubs, to indoor tennis courts and hockey pitches, all of them for prívate and administration. We have built more than 800 housing units, either single family houses, or apartments buildings in the city. Retail has also been part of Perspective Madrids business during these years, having completed 4 shopping malls, and are working on three other proposals for shopping centers. Hospitality has been another of the fields where we feel comfortable working. We have designed and built 3 boutique hotels and 3 budget hotels. All these projects have been designed and executed with Sustainability as a major concern. There are three projects that reflect very well our expertise and sustainable approach to architecture.

INDOOR / OUTDOOR SWIMMING POOL IN CCM This swimming pool was designed and built with the target to be used for the Pentathlon competition if the Olimpics were to be celebrated in Madrid. It has a moveable roof that can be fully opened, when the climate in Madrid allows for it. We used solar panels to heat up the water. This combination of moveable roof and solar panels allows the use of the swimming pool as an outdoor pool in spring and in autumn thus reducing significantly the energy consumption needed to operate the pool throughout the year. EL INGENIO SHOPPING CENTER IN MÁLAGA As in the previous example, with the climate of Malaga being very mild most of the year, and the internal heat gains of the shopping mall very large, the use of a moveable roof which can be opened when ourdoor conditions are acceptable reduces cooling needs substantially. THE NEW MINISTRY OF THE TREASURY IN ZARAGOZA In this case we designed a building with a facade that allows daylight into the interior spaces, reducing lighting loads while simultaneously reducing the solar load within the builidng through the use of sun shading devices as louvers and fins. In this case the louvers were made of certified wood, and the roof and terraces designed as green roofs.