Tower II is situated as part of the brownfield regeneration masterplan ‘Stedelijk Park Spoor Noord’, a redevelopment plan for the former northern rail freight infrastructure of Antwerp. The masterplan was designed by Italian urban planners Secchi & Vigano, and is conceived as an urban park with concentrations of urban mixed use developments. The site of the Tower II project is located next to the sites of a number of future educational institutions, and will be flanked by 5 other towers.
The proposed scheme consists of a residential tower with a focus on younger occupants. The program is a mix of commercial space on the ground floor, 10 floors of student housing, and 10 floors of urban apartments, with a total of 360 housing units. An underground car park for 276 cars, 36 motorcycles, and 705 bicycles underneath the future school complex completes the design scheme.
Tower II has a simple, cuboid volumetric appearance, as required by zoning regulations. Continuous terraces surround the tower, and provide an outside space with magnificent views over the city, park, river and / or harbour from each living unit. The terraces are partially enclosed with a second skin, which functions as a wind break. This second skin also defines the expression of the tower, which will contribute to the northern skyline of the city of Antwerp.

ELD partnership has a contract for the scheme’s design, execution, structural engineering as well as technical engineering. ELD partnership submitted for planning permission in July 2011, and ground breaking is foreseen for the first half of 2012.