PERSPECTIVE Stockholm has more than 25 years of experience in analysis, planning and design in Sweden and abroad. In addition to housing, school and office projects, we have great experience in sustainable urban planning that includes visionary and environmental studies, master and detailed plans. Our expertise in analysis and design of infrastructure work and facilities is an additional strength.

In all our work we aim at the greatest possible sustainable solutions in terms of social, economic and environmental goals.

Projects in England, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland and China have given us valuable knowledge and international experience.
Our competence in graphic presentation and visual representation is of great help in all our work.

The Citybanan project is nearing completion with its inauguration in just over two years. Perspective Stockholm has been highly involved in the project from the first conception in the late 1990s. Our office has produced visionary and pre-studies, participated in master design, worked as coordinating architects and, cooperating with a large group of technical consultants, produced final design documents and Design Guidelines serving as base for the consultants producing tender and construction documents. Our flexible and adaptable work methods have resulted in the commission of several side projects, including studies for public art installations, required documentation for 3-dimensional property registration subdivision, design of auxiliary buildings such as bicycle parking and café, base material for property owner negotiations, virtual reality tools for staff and emergency services training, temporary housing for construction-affected residents, public information exhibit materials, plus a number of studies following changes in conditions during the process. Citybanan is a 6km long commuter rail tunnel below the centre of Stockholm including two Perspective Stockholm designed underground stations, of which Station City will be the most frequented railway station in Sweden.