construction of a Multipurpose Sports Pavilion and outdoor sports area, for the Santa Mª del Pilar School (FEMDL) in Madrid. Currently nearing completion, the building will open in August 2012.
Sited partially on an existing football pitch, the building contains the following main elements:
• Multipurpose sports hall (basketball, wheels hockey, volleyball); area approx 1.400m², complemented with four main changing rooms and showers, storage, etc. On the first floor, a stage for 150 spectators.
• Two swimming pools (adults 25 x 17m, children 5 x 17m) complemented with four vestiares, surgery, storage.
• Gymnastic and fitness area placed in the first floor, with two vestiares and three paddle courts on the roof of the swimming pool area.
Externally, the project includes a new football pitch (of artificial grass) able to be used in its complete size for eleven players, or divided across for seven player teams.
The existing pavilion will be refurbished for use as a paddle and multisports area.
The main structure of the building (columns, beams, slabs) has been constructed in precast concrete and erected in 8 weeks, permitting an early programme start on the internal walls and gym structures. In the sports hall we employed laminated wood for the roof structure, mounted in the record time of eight days.
The air conditioning and hot water for the pavilion and swimming pools is achieved with solar panels in the roof via efficiency energy systems.
The total estimated cost is 6m Euros.