PERSPECTIVE SPAIN has always been involved in refurbishment of existing buildings and now that, as result of the real estate situation, the residential market is turning to rehabilitation, some projects are under development by our office.
As an example, the refurbishment of an elegant Belle Époque building from 1917 in 10 Caracas Street, Madrid, to host fifteen high quality apartments and penthouses.
The protected building maintains not only a very carefully decorated façade to the street, but original entrance and main staircase with elaborate finishes in stucco and marbles, since the rest of the original elements have been destroyed. A total of 3,600 m², used as large bourgeois residences, is in need of complete restoration.
The project under development affords the goal of returning the building to its past splendour, adding up to date technologies and standards of comfort. The rear façade, interior court, additional staircase and backyard court will receive an update revision, following the original style and qualities. Apartments will be redesigned to fit modern residential concepts and sizes, and those on the upper floor will enjoy the use of private roof terraces overlooking Madrid. In addition a robotic mechanical garage for 35 cars will be constructed under the backyard space.