PERSPECTIVE Lisbon and its partners in Mozambique have designed an outstanding corporate building in Maputo’s Downtown Business Centre. Located in Avenida 25 de Setembro, this 31-storey, 126m high landmark overlooking the downtown area and the sea will exceed 50,000m² in construction, with offices, retail, restaurants, complementary services and 570 parking places. The building displays a rich architectural language, resulting from of a balanced relationship between form, space and function. Topping a 22m tall podium comprising parking, retail and restaurants, the office tower rises as three vertical blades with different facade planes and tilt angles. Horizontal shading devices contribute to a balanced architectural object. The use of a highly efficient modular interior concept and sustainable design throughout are two key elements calling for solutions and techniques along the design development, the construction process and the building’s operating life, where the spatialfunctional, environmental, social and economical dimensions will harmoniously be balanced.