PERSPECTIVE WARSAW is proud to announce its latest achievement – the project of the largest and most advanced data center in Poland, Data Center 2, for our client Perspective Warsaw developed its project in the full range, i.e. concept, building design, detailed design. This unusual project was made with huge engagement of our multidisciplinary team which consists of highly experienced architects and all branch professionals, but it paid off!’s Data Center 2 building is almost 20m high and has over 6,300m² of perfect colocation space, designed in accordance with international guidance, which offers the ability to choose the standard of services up to Tier IV, with guaranteed 14 MW power supply. Architecture of the building is the answer to its closely guarded contents. The need for data protection was the top reason to for choosing the most modern technologies of energy supply, cooling, fire protection and access control. Redundancy of all key systems, exclusion of bottlenecks and single points of failure and permanent supervision of operation of the data center provides the best environment for the infrastructure for even the most demanding customers.