PERSPECTIVE is composed of members which have expertise and experience in a wide diversity of different building types in sectors such as leisure, commerce, education, healthcare and residential.

The core of PERSPECTIVE’s strength lies in the fact that it offers clients this wide range of expertise and experience in a large number of different countries around the world. This is especially necessary in this day and age with the internationalizing nature of projects where skills and products come from all over the world. An ever improving IT and travel infrastructure makes it easy to collaborate and work on international projects. The international nature of PERSPECTIVE, which has offices in 10 different European countries, brings high Western European standards to many other countries in the world. This is due to the fact that each office has experience and networks in countries further abroad. For example the office in Portugal has connections and experience in Brazil, Mozambique and Angola. Similarly the offices in Sweden and The Netherlands have connections and experience in China and Eastern Asia respectively. PERSPECTIVE Alkmaar in The Netherlands was recently approached by developers in Kenya and Nigeria both with the request to design a large multifunctional ‘healthcare park’ which included a hospital, a hotel and residences. The PERSPECTIVE office in London has expertise in hotel design and experience working in Kenya and Nigeria so they immediately got involved with the projects, and for their expertise in residential challenges PERSPECTIVE Stockholm is available. This is a recent example of a project where PERSPECTIVE’s strengths came together offering the client an extended reach. PERSPECTIVE members have seen the advantage of collaborating for 22 years. Because the members know each other well, a team with the right expertise can be easily assembled with members best suited to every particular project.