PERSPECTIVE has subscribed to the philosophy of sustainable design since its very early stages. Each member has appointed an officer responsible for Sustainable Design within their practice. A Sustainable Design Task Force composed of a multidisciplinary international team of architects, engineers and urban planners has been created. The goal is the perfection of their expertise and its dissemination throughout Perspective by the pooling of their experience and the organisation of seminars and courses of excellence.

The team recently organised an intensive two day specialization seminar at the University of Dublin for all members of Perspective. More workshops on specific environmental and sustainable issues are planned for the future.

Our experienced green building professionals are involved in the project right from the start because it is at this point that the sustainability of a project can be tackled most effectively. In close collaboration with the Client, they investigate the sustainable issues and identify the priorities of each individual project. Throughout all stages of the project they monitor the achieving of the sustainability goals.