PERSPECTIVE is proud to announce that BURGER GRUNSTRA Consulting Architects, from Alkmaar Holland have joined the group.

Burger Gunstra is part of the Grunstra Architects Group BNA that has offices in Alkmaar, Bolsward, Heerenveen and Leeuwarden.

Burger Grunstra Consulting Architects was founded in mid 2001 and currently employs around 20 people.  The entire Grunstra Architects Group has 50 years of experience and about 80 employees.

Their trademark “clear ideas, clear architecture” is ideally suited to the large and complex building projects they specialise in, such as educational facilities, hospitals, cultural centres, nursing and rest homes.

The new Martini Hospital in Groningen (the Netherlands) is an excellent example of Burger Grunstra’s innovative, conceptual approach. The design, based on the so-called IFD principle (Industrial, Flexible and Demountable construction) has become the prototype of what a 21st century hospital should be i.e. an innovative and future focused hospital with a flexible lay-out that can respond to the demands of both patients and professionals.

In each project Burger Grunstra  takes on, the feeling of balance between functionality, technique, budget and architecture is being portrayed in both the design and features of the inside as well as the outside of the building.  Be it a housing scheme, an office building, a shopping centre, a school, hospital or any other public building, they strive for a simple solution; a clear basic idea is the foundation of every project.

Successful and highly appraised recent projects apart from the

above mentioned Martini Hospital in Groningen, include the Cultural and Educational Centre in Langedijk, the Regional Expertise Centre in Zoetemeer and the Medical Centre in Alkmaar and they are further proof of Burger Grunstra’s practiced approach.