PERSPECTIVE Madrid has completed a budget hotel for Travelodge hotel company in Barcelona. Following Travelodge’s main strategy, this hotel is located in one of the most dynamic and innovative areas of the city, the 22@ R+D district of Barcelona.
22@Barcelona urban planning transforms two hundred hectares of obsolete industrial land in Poblenou into an innovative district offering modern spaces for the strategic concentration of intensive knowledge-based activities. This initiative is also a project of urban refurbishment and a new model of city providing a response to the challenges posed by the knowledge-based society.
It is the most important project of urban transformation of Barcelona city of the last years and one of the most ambitious of Europe of these characteristics, with a high real state potential and a 180 million Euros public investment of infrastructure plan.
Travelodge Barcelona is a 10 storey building, with 10,000 m² of built area. Two levels below ground will provide 86 parking spaces for the clients, hotel changing rooms), and technical rooms.
As 22@Barcelona hosts extensive business activity, the hotel’s ground floor conference and meeting facilities will be offered for the companies, with a total of 3 meeting rooms, as well as a dining area, including a bar and a restaurant connected to an outdoor terrace. Four rooms are located on this ground floor. The rest of the 250 double rooms, standard and familiar, are distributed among the upper floors.