Perspective Austria has won the invited competition for the architectural design of the new Liebbau Weiz headquarters building.

The client is an Austrian multi-operational construction company, specialised in standard construction work, wood buildings, operating shopping centres and McDonald`s, as well as project development in Austria and Hungary.

The task was to develop a multi-functional, polyvalent design incorporating the wide variety of needs of all the different operations and at the same time to integrate all supporting services such as administration, operation, planning and R&D.

The existing site houses the old headquarters building, dating back to the 1950s and a neighbouring building, also property of the client that houses a major telecom hub on its ground floor.

The design solution provided by Perspective Austria is based on the addition of a complicated staircase system in between the existing buildings to provide access to both buildings on all different floor levels. This solution proved to be the most efficient and cost effective answer to the client’s request.

The architectural design concept is furthermore based on the idea of a huge red link roof, as reference to the Liebbau Weiz’s corporate colour. This roof not only physically links both buildings, it also symbolically links all of the company’s diversified activities and departments.

The project includes about 3,000m² of office space, 600m² of retail area as well as parking spaces for 140 cars.

Construction is planned to commence in spring 2008, and the completed project is to be handed over to the client in the summer.