Nina Rusanen


Nina Rusanen is an architect and a partner at Arkkitehtitoimisto Virkkunen & Co Ltd. Nina studied architecture in Germany and Portugal and graduated in 2006 from BTU Cottbus University of Technology with a degree in architecture (MSc Arch). Nina has over 15 years of experience in industrial architecture and has worked on projects of many sizes as a project architect and principal designer. She is interested that industrial production and infrastructure are increasingly crossing the spheres of living and working in our ever-densifying cities. Under these conditions, the design and planning of infrastructure and industries require attention and consideration of the context in which they are built.
Nina’s recent work experience includes a significant energy company’s headquarters, sorting and recycling plants, and smaller traction stations in Helsinki. Nina has also designed renovations in various industrial and office buildings.

Founded in 1954, Virkkunen & Co Architects has nearly 70 years of experience in projects in Finland and internationally. The company focuses on the industrial sector, mainly designing energy production and distribution facilities. The work of Virkkunen & Co Architects has been awarded several national and international distinctions and awards. Since 2021, the company has been owned by Tuomas Kivinen and Nina Rusanen, who have been long-time co-owners and employees.

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