Jacopo della Fontana


Jacopo della Fontana, holds an MBA in Architecture (Polytechnic of Milan).

Setting off from the native education and background of classical architecture he gained working experience in London, Frankfurt and Osaka, before coming back to Italy.

He is founder and chairman of the Milan based architectural and consultancy practice D2U – Design to Users, active in the office, retail, mixed-use and leisure sectors.

Jacopo has led D2U teams in the design of diverse projects typologies and market sectors, from interiors to architecture, always aiming to develops creative solutions, compatible with the objectives, the financial restrictions and the practices of professional Clients.

In addition to practicing, he is regularly contributing to architectural magazines and he is lecturer at Milan Polytechnic University.

Besides Italian, he his fluent in English and French and has a good knowledge of German and Spanish.

He joined ULI in 2004. He is member of ULI Content Advisory Group, of the ULI Urban Regeneration Council and of the ULI Italian National Council Executive Committee

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