Charles Bourguignon


Charles Bourguignon is one of the three architect partners of LPA Architectes in Paris, France. The practice, over more than 30 years, has developed skills of construction and modification of existing and historic buildings, as well as refurbishment for housing, resorts and office spaces. But also, we are designing new built, making advantages of our knowledge and understanding of local urban law. All our project have a high level of expectations in the details and efficiency of the volumes.

From the design phase to the handover phase, we make a point of supervising the overall execution of a project. We regularly work alongside international partners, carrying out ambitious architectural projects in France or other countries.

After 20 years of practice, Charles has contributed to numerous projects for Anglo-Saxon clients, mainly for offices and luxurious housing. His main task is to supervise the construction and coordination of operations, amongst them, those carried out in association, with the colleagues of LPA Architectes within Perspective.

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