East Timor is a new country in the Far East. With a young population and a growing economy focused on the oil industry, there is a strong need for education in a population with a majority of young people.
Therefore the Government will build a new University Campus to accommodate 55,000 pupils, and 1,200 teachers.

PERSPECTIVE Lisbon was commissioned to design the Campus for new Dili National University, at Hera District.
The Masterplan was delivered together with DALAN, the practices local partner and a Perspective Strategic Alliance Member, and approved last year, with works about to commence on site.
To be developed in stages over 15 years, the Campus covers 367 Ha, and is prepared for 583,000m² of construction, covering education,
equipments / commerce, and housing for 4,000 pupils and 600 teachers.
The Masterplan strategy is based on sustainable development with a contemporary architecture, based on the reinterpretation of local culture and tradition.