Gouda is a picturesque historic city in the heart of Holland. Lock island, a small  island at the intersection between the river IJssel and the Gouwe Canal, is the subject of a competition organized by the local institute of architecture. As a result of the large city expansion on the bank opposite to the city centre and the construction of a new provincial road across the island, the islands purpose will change. What is today a peripheral and neglected site will become a central element in the town and will be one of the entries to the city.

The competition called for ideas to connect the new neighbourhood to the city, and the island to the older landscape outside Gouda. Additional goals were to integrate traffic, water, green space and the existing lock into an attractive and stately new area.

OD205’s proposal is to refine the existing green related leisure space, reshape the island and design the new road as a scenic boulevard. The island becomes an elegant green oasis, easily accessible by new bridges for pedestrians and bikers from both banks. The eastern embankment is reserved for the boulevard with an architectural object, a lookout platform above the road, looking out towards the bridge crossing the river IJssel.

A footpath stretches out between the lookout platform offering spectacular views over the river and the welcoming tearoom situated close to the water at the northern tip of the island. With the riverbank on one side and the leisure functions on the other, this footpath is the perfect setting for a relaxing stroll.