The aim of the project, called “Green Cube Business Center”, designed by Perspective Milan for Mediolanum Fund Management SGR, is the requalification of a large  office  building complex built in the early ‘80s.

The complex (12.000 sqm of gross area) hasn’t been used for several years and shows a simple and rational configuration: three buildings of different heights connected by two different stairs and lifts blocks with an identical square plan located around a barycentric entrance hall at ground floor. A rich landscape and a considerable amount of ancient plants and trees characterize the lot area (20.000 sqm); moreover, both the east and south sides of the area face the public Travaglia Park.

Thanks to a series of architectural and structural changes and a complete replacement of all M&E plants the project is under the process of Gold LEED Certification and is classified in “A” Energy Class. The project improved also the interior efficiency and capacity of the office spaces providing a renewed modern image to match the new real estate office market standards and allowing for both single and multi-tenant occupation, by floors or by buildings.

The architectural project focused on the entrance- hall which is the functional core of the project and on the replacement of the old boring reflective façade through the maintenance and cleaning of the framing grid and the complete replacement of the existing glass panels with new coloured coated silk-screen printed window panes.

The entrance hall is the most important element of the renovation, both from a functional and architectural point of view; the soft shapes of the interior and the natural light entering from large glazed surfaces create a suggestive continuum between interior and exterior.

A new pedestrian walkway leads visitors to the new reception; the design and details of the stone pavement and of the green areas define a brand new approach to the building complex.