“A space for work but also a space for well-being and human relationship. A space for mental concentration but also for meeting and ideas exchange, an appealing address to force client to escape their conventional offices and meet in a stimulating, warm and fully equipped environment.”

This was the brief of Leo Burnett CEO, Giorgio Brenna, inspiring the new Lausanne offices designed by Perspective Italy. The offices have been planned as a working and development platform linked to the several multinational Corporations who elected Switzerland as their barycentre of the european system. The design transformed the two top floors of a recently renewed building in Chemin des Délices, down town Lausanne, with a nice view to the lake for a total of 1.400 sqm served by an independent dedicated building entrance. The ground floor entrance anticipates the emotional strength of the colours and advertising graphics used through out the whole project, the reception at 5th floor has a sculptured reception desk stretching itself as a ribbon towards the large lounge inviting visitors to explore a sequence of spaces fitted with different atmospheres. Each setting has been thought to be used in different moments of the working day and for different activities: a breakfast table, a working lunch, a quick coffee-break, a relax area with sofas, carpets and smooth lighting. On the other side of the floor open space desks have been laid out as a platform for working groups, some time a mix of creative staff and clients coming from all over Europe, who work together for a defined period on a specific project. Four different formal and informal meeting rooms, some guest offices and a secretary space together with a relaxing football table complete the 5th floor support spaces. The 4th floor is planned with open space and cellular offices. Glazed partitions along corridors allow natural light entering the building enhancing the relationship between the interiors and the external environment. On both floors a system of wall mounted panels tell the story of the most recent Leo Burnett advertising campaignes. The executive enclosed offices have been fitted out with different furniture in order to reflect the user’s personality. Building services and materials follow the tight requirements in terms of sustainability and energy saving aspects of Helvetic Confederation (Minergie). Light fittings installed in corridors are LED while in the office areas there are freestanding low consumption energy fittings integrated with “accent” lights in the common areas. The overall design contributes to create an interesting and stimulating performing space following the guide lines of the new European Leo Burnett projects designed by Perspective Milan.