LPA has been commissioned by an international ‘blue chip company’ to fit-out 2,650m² of office space at La Défense in Paris.

This project is characterized by the implementation of the ‘office hotelling’ solution in which work stations arranged in an open space are not dedicated to individual members of staff, but are shared. Work stations are assigned to staff members of a particular department on demand and whenever required in the area allocated to that department.

This solution considerably reduces the amount of space required for work stations, but implies the need for an increase in the number of meeting rooms.

The shape of the building has allowed a clear separation of the open-space area from the public zone where the reception, the cafeteria and the meeting rooms are located.

The large and medium size meeting rooms are equipped with the latest stateof-the-art technologies.

A very tight schedule was set for the project with the works on site commencing in December 2008 and with completion planned for the end of March 2009.