The authorities of Szczecin, a large city on the Polish-German border counting approximately 400,000 inhabitants, has organised an architectural competition for the design and development of a state-of-the-art yacht marina with accompanying facilities. The project is to be located on Grodzka Island, an attractive green spot in the centre of Szczecin which has been inaccessible for years. The project is to be completed by 2013, when Szczecin will be hosting The Tall Ship Races.

The competition brief called for ideas that would realise the potential of this top location site in the heart of the city destined to become one of Szczecin’s cultural and tourist attractions. The city authorities want to create high quality public space in harmony with the surrounding area. The designers were specifically asked to enhance the attractive views from the city across the river as well as to preserve the green and natural character of the island. The marina must have a capacity of minimum 125 yachts, with the possibility to dismantle the docks and park yachts on land during the winter months. The project will be carried out in different phases.

The scheme proposed by ELD Poland in cooperation with Ahlqvist & Almqvist, organises the island into two main spaces. A public space closely connected to the city and a semi-public area assigned to accommodate all of the marina facilities.

The public space consists of a boulevard facing the city, housing sports and recreational facilities, cafes, restaurants, pavilions and a floating stage with canopy for open-air concerts.

The opposite side of the island is dedicated to the marina with a capacity of 131 yachts up to 18m long. The marina is designed as floating modular docks anchored on the river bed. The marina area is served by 1,240m² L-shaped building organically blending in with the landscape. The roof terrace offers stunning marina views to its visitors.

The area located between the public space and the marina is dedicated to sports and recreational facilities including sports grounds, playgrounds and a summer beach.

A pedestrian and bicycle bridge connects the island with the city.