The ATOS Praxisklinik in Heidelberg, which is specialised in hand-, foot, and elbow surgery needs to extend its facilities in order to accommodate the considerable increase in its number of patients.  The only available and suitable plot of land they own is located above a parking garage. The current building laws however did not permit the development of this site.

Because of this restriction, HWP Hauss, Walla + Partner Architects were asked to carry out a feasibility study to investigate the possibilities of development for the site.

The site is located in the heart of the old town of Heidelberg. The existing modern clinic buildings provide an exciting contrast to the surrounding ancient buildings. HWP proposed a solution of a U-shaped building, which keeps a respectful distance from the historic neighbouring buildings and still provides a reasonably sized floor space.

For the facade the architects proposed a modern glass panel system, which gives contemporary air to the building. The colours of the panels refer to those of the surrounding buildings and are in harmony with the existing red sandstone, dark red natural stone, as well as white and yellow plaster facades.

This concept convinced both, the representatives of the city and the neighbours.  The design was accepted and approved by all parties involved.

Now it remains for the building to be built.