Working in partnership Coady Architects and ELD have has successfully delivered 4 schools projects in Belgium. The schools have been delivered as part of the Scholen van Morgen (‘Schools of Tomorrow’) programme, which is a public-private partnership between the Flemish government and AG Real Estate and BNP Paribas Fortis, in the form of a structure called DBFM Scholen van Morgen sa/nv.

VIA Tienen – VIA Tienen -Significant secondary school campus comprising a stand-alone intermediate school building of 3,285m², a senior school building of 3,259m², and a new sports building with canteen and workshop of 2,462m².

VIIO, Tongeren – VIIO, Tongeren – Large secondary school campus comprising a 3 storey classroom building of 2,000m2, and a technology centre and sports hall totalling 4,500m2.

Heilig Hart – Heilig Hart VAn Marainstituut, Berlaar-  Post-primary school comprising a new teaching building of 5,600m2 and a sports hall of 1,600m2 on an existing school campus.

Virga – Visga Jessecollege, Hasselt – A large sports hall with changing facilities, equipment storage and a small dance studio with a total area of 2,000m².

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