A new touristic development in Costa Del Sol is being designed by PERSPECTIVE Madrid, the Spanish office of Perspective, located in Nerja, a charming town and a favourite destination for many tourists from Northern Europe. This project is a good example of the new trends in the real estate market. After years of very low activity, there has been a recent growth in real estate development as a result of European investment all along the coasts of Spain.
In this project the Spanish promoter SALSA Inmobiliaria has developed a compound of 22 attached houses with individual gardens and common areas for leisure. The houses have been designed using vernacular elements in the architecture. They follow very closely the sloping site via a different patterns of terraces, courtyards and patios, typical of an Andalusian village.
Each unit’s typology is designed to have double orientation to allow best sun access throughout the day and to maximise enjoyment of outdoor private gardens, as well as to promote cross ventilation using the pattern of local sea breezes.
The site’s full area of 4,500m² will comprise a total of 2,260m² building area, plus an underground parking zone. Common spaces such as swimming pools, gardens and playgrounds will take up to 3,200m².