After the successful and still ongoing development of HammarbySjöstad, rightfully acknowledged as model for Green building, the City of Stockholm now brings their ambitions a step further. NorraDjurgårdsstaden, on former Gas works land, is the next large “border of the City” development. Located close to the harbor of Stockholm as well as large areas of protected wood and parkland it will, when completed, contain 10,000 new dwellings, all built to the highest standards of energy efficiency, low levels of emissions as well as all other factors that qualifies it as “world class” in Green building.

In NorraDjurgårdsstaden PERSPECTIVE Stockholm has, for one of the potential developers, designed a scheme for 90 apartments distributed over five 6 to 9 floors high linked buildings, each with its individual architectural characteristics and façade materials. In the apartments, ranging in size from 1 to 4 bedroms, all kitchens, bathrooms and toilets are clustered in centrally positioned cores with short access to service shafts. The layout of the individual rooms is flexible and can be changed over time in accordance with individual preferences.
Energy consumption is calculated to be less than 55 Kwh/m² qualifying for the silver level grade according to Swedich Green Building Council.
Simple volumes, massive walls and windows areas less than 19% of the gross floor area contribute.
Shops and semi-public home office rooms at ground floor will, together with entrances to the individual buildings, contribute to social contacts and a vivid street life.This sense will be furthered by small terraces equipped with open stairs serving from street level slightly raised ground floor apartments. In between are slightly raised ground floor apartments equipped with small terraces connected to the street walkway with open steps.
An opening in the block as well as all passages to lift and stairwells connect both to the street side and a lavishly planted garden.
Car parking is located in an underground garage. Bicycle parking is both outdoors and indoors.