Design, construction and maintenance (DBFM-formula) of a new prison in Beveren for 312 inmates. The site will house amongst others the following units: reception center, custody unit, prisoners’ housing units, logistics unit, court room, national transfer complex, educational center. The new prison in Beveren is one of the “new generation” prisons in Belgium, where the focus is mainly put on rehabilitation and reintegration into society, instead of on imprisonment. Prisoners are housed in smaller groups, having access to their own collective rooms (washing room, class room, living room). A control center per group allows for direct supervision on the different sections and on circulation to other parts of the complex. The prison includes workshops where the prisoners can perform industrial activities, from simple packaging to more industrial activities, or where they can be taught new skills or a new profession (for example in building industry). The prison also houses a courtroom which prevents the transportation of criminals to the courthouse and eventual risks involved. A national transfer complex is also implemented, allowing for a streamlined transportation of prisoners from different prisons in the country to other prisons. While being a prison with high security protection, it is still a prison with a focus on openness: • it allows for direct views (to check on circulation and eventual problems). • and for direct and indirect light from the outside (to soften the feeling of being confined). The integration in the surroundings and the architectural quality of the building received special attention. From a technical point of view, all new kinds of techniques (be it in the area of HVAC, MEP or security installations) have been integrated, with a focus on sustainability and ecology. The integration of modern surveillance techniques allows the staff to switch from a merely guarding function to a job in which personal contact with and guidance of the prisoners play a vital role as to facilitate their reintegration into society in the long run. The budget for this project is ±€70m direct building cost, excluding VAT. PERSPECTIVE ANTWERP ASSIGNMENTS Full and in depth consultancy assignment assisting the Belgian Building Agency in the process of preparing and organising the DBFM structure for the construction of 4 prisons (of which Beveren is one). This assignment includes amongst others:

  • the preparation of specifications.
  • the creation of the performance
  • the thorough analysis of all offers
  • the selection of private partners.
  • the guidance of the negotiations in
    order to optimize final offers up to
    and including the choice of the best
    and final offer.
  • the assistance of the Belgian Building
    Agency with respect to quality control
    throughout the entire construction
    process, until and including the final
    acceptance in cooperation with Stibbe,
    Orientes en RebelGroup.